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Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Symphony in F-sharp, op. 40
Selected Vocal Works

Franz Welser-Möt, conductor
Barbara Hendricks, soprano
The Philadelphia Orchestra

Though primarily known nowadays as a composer for film, Korngold had a significant output in other areas. This month's CCM features one of his major, non-film works, the Symphony in F-sharp. The work is incredibly vibrant and engaging throughout. The orchestration is imaginative, and it's as polished as one would expect from a composer who wrote so much for orchestra in his career. The clip is from the second movement of the Symphony, a Scherzo which is, somewhat unusually, mostly in 12/8 time.

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Allen Brings


Allen Brings, piano
Genevieve Chinn, piano
Edward Gilmore, clarinet
Nancy Cirillo, violin

My friend, Allen Brings, recently turned 90 years old. In celebration, the CCM is featuring his work this month. The Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, from 1955 (and revised in final form in 1967), which was originally written for viola and piano, is a beautiful work demonstrating the wonderfully quirky, vivacious writing typical of Allen's output. His playful sense of rhythm and the sheer joie de vivre which permeates so much of his work is delightfully present in the last movement of the Sonata, presented here.

Launch date: 21 November 2001.
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